Meet Ava : The Electric Travel Ukulele!

Launching Summer 2018

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Ava is Launching Soon!

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Made for travel, spontaneity, and adventures of every kind, Ava features a sleek, minimal design that measures just 16" lengthwise with a retracted forearm rest. 

The patent-pending Turnkey Tuner System is located in the rear, saving valuable headstock space. 


Ava features a powerful on-board speaker that amplifies vibrations from the strings, playing bright notes and warm chords.  Concert Mode projects a bold acoustic sound perfect for jamming out with friends--no bulky external amp needed!


Designed for the most ambitious of travelers, Ava's body is a high-performance polymer blend selected for its scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant, and warp-resistant properties.  Rest assured, your Ava is adventure-proof!

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Borne out of an adventuring musician's need for a compact, durable, and powerful sounding instrument, Ava easily fits into a backpack so you never have to leave your instrument behind.  Ava is your essential adventure companion. 

The journey starts with a single note. So come along!

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